Magnetic Movement Trays for square bases

Magnetic Movement Trays for square bases

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The ultimate solution for the transport, storage, and movement of regimented miniatures with square bases.

  • Our Magnetic Movement Trays for square bases are specifically designed to make handling and transporting your miniatures in games like Warhammer Fantasy and The Ninth Age easier. Manufactured using high-quality 3D printed PLA plastic, these trays feature an integrated 0.6mm galvanized steel sheet, providing a magnetic surface for your magnetized miniatures to stay in place during gameplay and transportation.
  • In addition, they include hidden magnets between the steel sheet and the plastic, allowing the trays to easily adhere to a metallic bottom in a transport case, ensuring the security and organization of your miniatures. With our magnetic movement trays, you can enjoy a more streamlined and worry-free gaming experience.
  • In our online store, you'll find a wide variety of sizes and configurations of these trays, tailored to the needs of your armies and miniatures.