20 to 25 Tray Adapter for The Old World

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Discover the ultimate solution for adapting your Warhammer Fantasy armies to The Old World with our TOW Tray Adapter. Meticulously designed to transform your 20 mm base miniatures to the new 25 mm standard of The Old World, this adapter is an essential accessory for any player.

We offer an extensive range of 52 different models, covering all possible formations, from the compact 3x1 (75x50 mm) to the massive 10x10 (250x250 mm). For example, the 125x100 mm adapter with 20 slots is perfect for a 5x4 formation, while the 150x75 mm adapter with 18 slots is ideal for a 6x3 formation.

Precision-cut using laser in DM, these adapters are robust and versatile. They can be left loose on any standard 25 mm tray for a temporary solution, or permanently fixed with cyanoacrylate for a more durable setup. Their intelligent design not only allows for an easy transition from old bases but also maintains the correct alignment during the game, with clear markings to identify the combat range of each miniature.

Furthermore, the DM wood of these adapters is ideal for customization and painting, allowing them to match the color scheme of your armies and bases, thus adding a touch of coherence and spectacle to your units.

Whether you're updating an old army or simply looking for more flexibility in your games of The Old World, our TOW Tray Adapters are the perfect solution, saving you time and money in reconfiguring your miniatures.