25 to 30 Tray Adapter for The Old World

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Discover the innovative Tray Adapter for The Old World, an essential tool for upgrading your 25 mm square bases to the new 30 mm dimensions as per the latest game specifications. This adapter, crafted with utmost precision through laser-cutting in DM, is the optimal solution for adapting your armies to the current rules of The Old World without the effort of rebasing all your miniatures.

Each adapter has been designed to fit perfectly in your movement tray, ensuring stable and orderly placement of your miniatures during gameplay. The insertion of figures is intuitive and efficient, facilitating quick preparation of your units for battle.

What sets our adapter apart are the laser-engraved lines between each slot, clearly indicating the extent of a 30 mm base. These markings not only enhance tactical precision on the battlefield but also add a professional and detailed look to the presentation of your armies.

This adapter is versatile and compatible with bases made of various materials, including plastic, wood, and acrylic, making it an indispensable option for all The Old World players. Its robustness and durability ensure the safety and impeccable presentation of your figures in every game.

With ImpriWars' Tray Adapter, you can economically, efficiently, and aesthetically update your armies, maintaining the quality and style of your units. It is the ideal alternative for players looking for a practical and stylish solution for transitioning to the new base dimensions in The Old World.